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Purchase MTFCA items on-line, including lapel pins, decals in 3 sizes, restoration manuals, restoration DVDs, books and more! Many of the items sold at the Model T Museum can be purchased from this site, including hats, clothing, books, and toys.

Also available are Centennial commemorative items produced for the Centennial T Party held in July 2008 in Indiana, including decals in 3 sizes, a custom-made afghan, clothing, bags, and many other items.


Shipping in U.S. is based on order value as follows. (Canada and Foreign order see below)
$0.00 to $15.00 cost is $5.50
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$100.01 to $250.00 cost is $17.50
Over $250.00 shipping is free (in US only)

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Should you have special needs, please contact the Model T Ford Club of America at 765-855-5248 Email: barbara@mtfca.com 

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