HCCT Handbook, by Cascisa and Patterson

HCCT Handbook, by Cascisa and Patterson


MARCH 1, 2020

HCCT Handbook
by Bob Cascisa and Ron Patterson

     Until now, very little information on HCCTs has been assembled or documented. This book not only delves into the history and workings of Ford’s original HCCT, it diagrams the components of the machine, and offers step-by-step information on how to use one. Detailed comments, illustrations, and photos of about a dozen known manufacturers’ coil testers are featured. The book also includes photos and data on many unknown brands, homemade, and one-of-a-kind manufactured testers. 
     The book contains excellent wiring schematics and helpful information for anyone restoring a venerable HCCT. In addition to more than 200 color photos,
the authors have sprinkled the book with fun facts, pithy quotes from Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, helpful tips, and historic ads and literature.
     We highly recommend this book for anyone restoring an original or copycat HCCT or who might be interested in building their own from scratch.  It is also a must-have reference book for those currently using an HCCT in their shop.
     Ron Patterson and Bob Cascisa have compiled a resource that will benefit Model T hobbyist for years to come.

Published by the Model T Ford Club of America
Softcover, spiral-bound, 97 pages