"T" Tips - Restoration Videos

"T" Tips - Restoration Videos


This video series is dedicated to preserving the knowledge and techniques used in restoring and maintaining the Model T Ford. All videos are in DVD format. A description of each video is described below:

Series 1

• 1-1 Balancing Tires: Using modern weights to balance the tires on your Model T—a must for anyone driving a Model T over 35 MPH. Run Time: 16 min. 25 sec.
• 1-2 Model T Tires—I: Types of rims and tires used on Model Ts; tools & tips on repairing rims and mounting tires; how to mount a tire on a clincher rim. Run Time: 26 min. 56 sec.
• 1-3 Model T Tires—II: Building a tire mounting station; mounting tires on the drop center-type and split rim-type rims; tools and tips on repairing rims. Run Time: 24 min. 12 sec.
• 1-4 The Model T Fuel Filter: Restoring the different types of fuel filters; installing modern fuel line shut-off valves. Run Time: 15 min. 8 sec.
• 1-5 Model T Bands: Changing the transmission band linings. Types of transmission bands and linings available; inspecting and restoring bands; adjusting bands; tips and tools needed. Run Time: 15 min. 2 sec.

Series 2

• 2-1 Restoring the Transmission Cover: Types of covers, tools and tips, disassembly, pedal straightening, pedal alignment, sealing techniques, and assembly. Run Time: 20 min. 21 sec.
• 2-2 Restoring the `T’ Cutout: Types, its function, testing, selecting, disassembly, modernizing with a diode, assembly and testing. Run Time: 38 min, 10 sec.
• 2-3 Front End Alignment: Tools needed, special era tools used, how to align, front end inspection, proper caster, camber and toe-in. Also tips on rear end alignment. Run Time: 23 min. 31 sec.
• 2-4 Restoring the `T’ Transmission—I: Disassembly, tools needed, cleaning, inspecting, methods of checking for cracks, plus tips and suggestions. Run Time: 42 min. 6 sec.
• 2-5 Restoring the ‘T’ Transmission—II: Balancing, tools and special jigs, reassembly secrets, lubrication, repair techniques, old and new clutch plates, critical measurements and testing, plus tips and suggestions. Run Time: 53 min. 2 sec.

Series 3

• 3-1 Model T Coils—I: General overview of the evolution of the coil in the Model T. Covers both the Ford-made coils as well as those produced for Ford by other manufacturers. Run Time: 22 min. 51 sec.
• 3-2 Model T Coils—II: Repair and rebuilding a coil. How it works. How to select a coil to rebuild. Tips and tricks of coil rebuilding. Run Time: 40 min.
• 3-3 Model T Coils—III: Adjusting coils, installing new points. Testing coils. An overview of various coil testing machines available during the Model T era. Run Time: 38 min. 14 sec.
• 3-4 Restoring the Generator: How it works, repair and rebuild it. Tips for disassembly/assembly & equipment used in testing. Run Time: 31 min. 36 sec.
• 3-5 Restoring the Starter: How it works, test and rebuild the starter motor. Tips on eliminating oil leaks, removing and installing. Run Time: 19 min. 14 sec.

Series 4

• 4-1 Electrical Overview: An overall look at the progression of the Model T electrical system from 1909 thru 1927. Run Time: 18 min. 52 sec.
• 4-2 Brush Plate Restoration: A closer look at the brush plate restoration on the Model T starter and generator. Run Time: 41 min.
• 4-3 Speedometer Restoration—I: Starts with tips on selecting a used speedometer. Restoration techniques. A restoration of a Stewart-Warner Model 100 speedometer. Run Time: 57 min. 48 sec.
• 4-4 Speedometer Restoration—II: More restoration techniques as well as a restoration of a Stewart-Warner Model 160 speedometer. Run Time: 35 min. 8 sec.
• 4-5 Speedometer Restoration—III: Additional restoration tips, how a speedometer works, the proper running gear and installation. Run Time: 45 min. 11 sec.

Series 5 

• 5-1 Restoration of the T Rear End—I: Covers the regular T rear axle as well as the Ruckstell axle. Shows the types of housings used by the Model T through the years, disassembly techniques, inspection tips and more. Run Time: 48 min. 34 sec.
• 5-2 Restoration of the T Rear End—II: Continuation of inspection techniques, axle rebuilding, sources and tips. Run Time: 46 min. 03 sec.
• 5-3 Restoration of the T Rear End—III: Restoration of the drive shaft, rear end re-assembly and adjustment tips. Run Time: 50 min. 37sec.
• 5-4 The Model T Radiator: View each Model T radiator style from 1909-1927. Tour the Brassworks manufacturing shop and learn how a radiator cools; causes of radiator failure; see how a radiator is built. Run Time: 45 min. 07 sec.
• 5-5 Restoration of the Model T Manifold: Don’t throw away your bent manifold. See how you can bring it back to original shape. Run Time: 29 min. 4 sec.

Series 6

• 6-1 Restoration of the Model T Fan: Changes during production, restoring the fan & pulley, as well as proper riveting for the early fan. Run Time: 20 min. 10 sec.
• 6-2 Cam Replacement: Replace the cam without removing the engine. Measuring techniques, timing, tips and more. Run Time: 58 min. 40 sec.
• 6-3 Spoke Tightening Examines temporary & permanent fixes for loose spokes. Ever see a T with aluminum spokes? Includes handy, easy-to-make tools and tips. Run Time: 36 min. 40 sec.
• 6-4 Restoration of the Model T Steering Column: Details changes from 1909-27, types of steering wheels, how to disassemble and restore the column, gear ratios, make a Torpedo column. Special section on era accessories available for Model T steering. Run Time: 1hr. 17min. 20 sec.
• 6-5 The Model T Frame: Changes during production, what to look for in choosing a frame, how to check a frame for straightness, how to correct a bent frame, frame members, painting and more. Run Time: 29 min. 45 sec.

Series 7

• 7-1 How to Start and Drive a Model T (featuring Matt Foye). Learning the proper way to start and to safely drive a Model T. Starting safety as well as driving tips. Run Time: 27 min. 37 sec.
• 7-2 Model T Accessories: Fred Houston shows us many of the era T accessories as well as a visit to the Smith Collection where “Speedy” Bill Smith shows us some of his favorites. Run Time: 49 min. 09 sec.
• 7-3 Chassis Alignment: Milt Webb shows us methods to align the chassis so you will get the most out of your T. We also take a look at an air conditioned T. Run Time: 54 min. 04 sec.
• 7-4 Model T Safety: Fred Houston takes us through some great safety tips from seat belts to the latest in signal lights for your T. Run Time: 46 min. 49 sec.
• 7-5  Safety 2: The MTFCA Safety Check List: Matt Foye shows us the best way to use the check list to keep our T’s in safe condition. Run Time: 30 min.

Series 8

• 8-1 Model T Fashions: Melanie Patton shows us Model T era fashions. Run Time: 28min. 54 sec.
• 8-2 Metal Work 101: Larry Azevedo demonstrates the basic equipment in making replacement panels for Model T restorations. Run Time: 22min. 22 sec.
• 8-3 Taking a Model T out of Mothballs—Part 1:  Milt Webb  shows just what to do to get a T running after many years of sitting in a barn. In addition, he shows what should be done to make that T ready for durable touring.  Run Time: 56 min. 58 sec.
• 8-4  Taking a T out of Mothballs—Part 2. More of Milt Webb’s tips and demonstrations. Run Time: 1 hr. 09 min. 08 sec.
•8-5   Taking a T out of Mothballs—Part 3. Milt shows us more and we take a tour of two old Model T’s that have been revived from being stored for long periods of time. Run Time: 53 min. 09 sec.

9-1 RESTORATION WELDING 101- Bob Ross shows the various welding equipment available and which ones are the right ones for restoration use. Topics covered are types of welding, safety, proper storage of gas tanks, types of rods as well as an actual fender repair and a surface hole repair. Total time: 48:00.

9-2 RESTORATION WELDING 102- Bob Ross reviews the types of metal you will encounter during the restoration process. Which welding technique you should use for these metals as well as a demonstration of typical repairs encountered by the restorer. Total time: 27:03.

9-3 BABBITING PART 1- Larry Azeveto demonstrates the babbitting process. He explains what is babbitt? He shows the various tools needed to babbitt and how to successfully pour your own babbitt. Total time: 34:59.

9-4 BABBITTING PART 2- Larry Azeveto continues preparation and actual babbitting of the block, 4th main and more. Total time: 34:59.

9-5 ANATOMY OF A 1923 CENTERDOOR RESTORATION- A labor of love over many years, Joe Fellin gives us the history of Ford's Centerdoor as well as his techniques in this restoration project. Total time: 56:26.